Acupuncture Treatment of Shin Splints

shin splints - acupuncture hawaii

Tibial Stress Syndrome

Shin splints or “Tibial Stress Syndrome” are a common injury for runners, hikers, football players and other athletes where running or distance walking is involved. It is what is considered an “overuse” injury, meaning that the injury generally involves over training, training on hard surfaces, or occurs shortly after training has increased. Over training and high impact on the lower leg causes inflammation in muscles such as the soleus, gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior and in tendons such as the peroneal tendon. Stress on the tibia from the surrounding inflamed tissues in turn causes pain and if left undiagnosed and untreated, can in time cause tibial fractures. Acupuncture can be a very effective treatment for relieving the pain of shin splints and helping to speed recovery time. It can be utilized concurrently with the standard treatment of ice, NSAIDS and rest. Please see my full article here:

Terry M. Chen, L.Ac.

Open Sky Acupuncture – Eugene, OR.

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